Ladies in Waiting: This acrylic painting series began during the time of pandemic. No one knew what to expect. What is safe to do? Where it is safe to go? Who to trust? And so, we wait to allow time to go by, and stay in one place without doing very much, until someone comes, until something that we are expecting happens, or until we can do something. * Clocks are embedded into the compositions to remind us that time lost is never found.

Time Messengers

Lately, I've been thinking about the mystique of time. For example, I think most folks, no matter how old, in their mind's eye, see themselves at a younger age. (Maybe that's why so many of us use filters in social media to smooth, correct, and erase characteristics that make us look older). For me, in my mind’s eye, I'm looking 45ish. (Ah, the mystique of time.) To represent that dichotomy, I am creating mixed media paintings of Time Messengers with young faces and grey hair who offer lessons About Time for us to consider.

Available originals paintingsLadies in Waiting No. 1Time Flies - Memento MoriTime HealsA Moment in TimeLost Time is Never Found