"To Be Sold" series is also based on advertisements from the 1700s and early 1800s. While the Runaway ads describe enslaved people of African descent in sometimes minute details, the To Be Sold advertisements were brief ads tuck in between larger ads. No names. No visual description. Just “"To be sold”. As I came across more and more, I became curious. Who are they? Where did they go? Were they being separated from their families? Will they run away? The gold in the works and frame references the use of people as chattel. Last available original painting in seriesTo Be Sold Stout Negro Fellow - Last in seriesTo Be Sold A likely Negro WenchTo Be Sold Boy 8 - 1796To Be Sold Boy 15 - 1783Garl 12 years old - 1769To Be Sold Girl 15 - 1773Girl 17 years old - 1794To Be Sold Man 20 Years Old - 1781To Be Sold - Wench